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About Us

We Help you Reach your potential

As a national training provider, Dynamo Training understands what is required to provide industry-leading, accredited and non-accredited training programmes that can help businesses and staff succeed.

We utilise an array of learning platforms that allows us to deliver bespoke training courses that work. Our focus on investing in tutors and assessors who are experienced ensures that all programmes are delivered to the highest of standards. We are committed to working alongside training providers and we want to empower business owners to help their business and workforce achieve more. We’re an innovative and trusted accredited provider that can help you retain your workforce, attract the right people and go from strength to strength.
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Mission, Values, Policies

We have a mission to help businesses support their workforce as a way of helping them to progress, learn and achieve more.
Our focus is to continue providing innovative courses and technologies that help businesses to benefit from flexible, employer led training.

As a leading company, we are committed to providing innovative learning and teaching that is communicated effectively and efficiently. We also focus on quality, ensuring we meet all Ofsted and awarding body requirements. We support learners, use professional and experienced staff and ensure that we create a learning environment that has a positive impact.

To continue to commit to delivering high quality training, we make sure that we implement an array of policies that support us and our clients.
Our objectives are to:

Support employers to upskill and develop their workforce.

Provide career opportunities for people and prepare them for roles within the business environment.

To provide career plans and support routes to higher roles, higher qualifications and higher earnings.

To develop innovative new technologies to support education, training, development, recruitment and raising awareness of careers.

Support employers through tailored training programmes.

Work with employers to ensure the curriculum is fit for purpose for specific jobs.

To deliver the highest quality provision to businesses

To support cost effective provision utilising all funding streams

To offer flexible employer led training and development solutions

To provide excellent customer services for all learners, employers and partners

To provide a whole organisation approach to workforce development

To Work in partnership with other specialist Apprenticeship training provider who offer business support solutions.

Innovative teaching and learning – through exciting innovative teaching and learning platforms enabling blended learning approaches, that specifically meets our learners and employer’s needs. All learners have access to online moodles and e-portfolio systems.

Communication – Effective communication is vital to the success of any business and DT promotes clear lines of communication that enables all the team to fully consult and have the opportunity to influence policy and the efficiency of day to day practices.

Innovation in Business – encouraging our team to be autonomous and creative in their ideas and proposals for future growth of the company

High Quality – through robust quality assurance processes and outstanding external verification reports, meeting all Ofsted, awarding body and EFA/SFA funding requirements at all times

Our Learners – through supportive teaching and learning packages, we will support all learners of all ages to successfully complete their chosen programme

Our staff – through continual professional development and utilising high quality occupationally competent staff within the education and healthcare sectors, DT provides the best support for our staff to provide the highest quality support to our learners and employers
Individuality, Equality and Diversity – supporting our staff and learners to develop, learn and grow in a supportive environment that fosters growth, development, and diversity.

Our Customers/Employers – through excellent feedback and evaluation processes DT ensures that all customers are listened to and supported to receive the best possible support

Excellent Customer Services – through polite, knowledgeable staff that provide information, advice and guidance that is effective and specifically meets our customer’s needs within a supportive environment.

Health, Well Being and Happiness – DT promotes Health and Well-being for individuals and organisations. We believe that positive health and well-being promotes happiness, leading to effectiveness and efficiency within all areas of life. If our staff and learners feel safe, well and happy they will learn and flourish.

Community Participation and Sustainability – DT is committed to supporting local community initiatives and the climate change agenda.

Community Participation And Sustainability

Our commitment to sustainability and supporting the local community underpins all that we do, which is why we place a focus on this in all that we do.

We all have a part to play when it comes to meeting climate change goals and this is why we invest in delivering training and courses that underpin these very goals and put us out there as one of the leading training providers with a focus on making a positive change. Through these local community initiatives and changes that we are making as a company, we can all make a difference collectively.