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Supporting Employers To Create Dynamic And Effective Teams

DT supports employers to recruit staff within developmental roles.

These individuals will be placed on a years training programme to develop knowledge and skills to meet the employers needs for the role. These individuals will be enrolled onto an Adult Apprenticeship programme and will be expected to undertake and complete their in work training programme. The Adult Apprenticeships is supported by Government funding. Please view our funding page for more information

These programmes are for all staff at all levels of business eg first line staff at level 2, up to management at level 5.

Dynamo has career and progression routes mapped to the workplace to ensure a smooth progression route for employers to develop their staff


1. You tell us your job role and provide a job description with salary and hours. It will be a fixed term contract with pay increase on successful completion of training.
2. We create an advert for you to approve
3. We will then undertake an initial telephone consultation to determine suitability and email applications to you for consultation.
4. If you want to interview you can then contact them direct or we can arrange.
5. If you decide to take them on you let us know so we can start the training process.
6. You and the individual sign the Adult Apprenticeship funding agreement, commitment statement and we all create the training delivery plan for the year.

We Can Support You To Develop Your Workforce Within:

Customer Services
Business Administrators
Team Leader
Management roles